Growth in a decade: Intelligent and innovative development 

Innovation is the gene of ENN, and intelligence is its future core capacity. We follow the spirits of ENN Group, strives for technological innovation, drives intelligent production, reforms management mode, and continuously carries out independent innovation and technological enabling to create a bright future together. 

Totally RMB 293 Million is inputted into technological innovation in the report term. 

Self-driven organization scheme of technological innovation

In 2018, the organization scheme for technological innovation of ENN EC turned to parallel from vertical. It contains technological innovation commission, technical development enabling group of the Company level, as well as self-driven development organizations in aspects of R&D, engineering and technical application. 
The technical development enabling group mainly takes charge of technical development planning, technology-oriented investigation and technology R&D management and planning, while the self-driven development organization aims to establish key project group based on demands of innovative projects. 

Internal and external technology alliance cooperation

Except independent development, ENN EC strengthens exchange and cooperation with domestic and overseas research institutions in key fields such as coal-based natural gas production and smart factory. 
On the one hand, the Company develops in coordination with internal enterprises of the Group, such as ENN Research Institute and ENN Envirotech Co., Ltd. to speed up integration innovation and breakthrough of the Group’s industrial core technologies and key technologies, and drive structural upgrading and rapid development of scientific research and development, production technologies and equipment level. 
On the other hand, the Company intensifies contact with external industry-university-research resources, actively establishes extensive partnership with scientific research institutions and technology companies in fields of joint problem solving, technological cooperation and academic exchange to establish a technological innovation cooperation mechanism with internal collaboration and external cooperation and provide sustainable power for innovative development of the Company. 

Enterprise cooperation: During construction of smart factory, the Company jointly developed software applications with Aspen Technology, LNC, Schneider Electric (China), Yokogawa Motor (China) and Honeywell China. 
Cooperating institutions: Design and specialty technology cooperation with Dedin Design Institute, East China Design Institute and Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry for the independent technology industrialization demonstration project. 
Academic cooperation: Jointly apply for the project of efficient electricity and heating supply key technology integration with hydrogen-power fuel cell and waste heat with Tianjin University; after the project is approved, both parties will jointly develop the project and share the intellectual property right. 

Accelerate research findings transformation

ENN EC deeply carries out research findings transformation, and ceaselessly applies mature technological achievements to enterprise production technology solution so as to convert potential scientific and technological productivity to direct enterprise productivity and promote improvement of production benefits. 

> The patent “a synthetic methane catalyst preparation method and catalyst precursor US9555398B2” authorized by the Company provides a preparation method for synthetic methane catalyst. The method in the technological solution may not only guarantee performance of the catalyst but also solve recovery problem under high temperature, save large amount of energy and improve production efficiency. 
To speed up effective implementation of patent, we have actively promoted industrial application of products by independent production and cooperative production with catalyst manufacturers. In 2017, the Company realized revenue of RMB 26 Million Yuan from catalyst products. 

> We applied the patent of “Dehydration and heavy hydrocarbon removal process for LNG production from methane-rich mixed gas” to multiple methane-rich low temperature purification sections in COG-based LNG production device, and acquired favorable economic benefits. 
Currently, the patent has been applied to devices in Shanxi Yunjin, Huayang and Zhenlai, and formed income of about RMB 40 Million Yuan. 

> We have built a set of LNG cold energy power generation device (LNG flow: 1500kg/h, propane system flow: 750Nm /h and power generation power: 15kW) through the patent of “LNG-based cold energy power generation process and device” and put it into operation successfully. At present, the income from the project has reached RMB 7 Million Yuan. 


Technical team rich in innovation ability

ENN EC treasures scientific talents, and sets up international technological cooperation, R& D platform and broad stage for technological innovation and venture. 
The Company establishes value sharing and incentive mechanism, and sufficiently mobilizes passion of technical talents for innovation through implementing the incentive mechanism for scientific technology talent value creation and benefits sharing. 
Currently, the Company has absorbed 843 R&D technological personnel. 

In-depth innovation and venture activities

ENN EC firmly establishes the idea of development supported by technological innovation, centers at “everyone is innovative entity”, and encourages independent innovation and everyone’s innovation, and creates atmosphere for technological innovation. 
The Company organizes and carries out “five-small” innovation activity including “small invention, small reform, small transformation, small design and small suggestion” every year to stimulate vitality and potential of employees for post-based innovation and venture, and meanwhile improve productivity through adopting reasonable suggestions. 

Highlight creativity: 

Creativity contents

Creativity effect

Optimization of a high temperature methanation synthesis process

It may extend overall service life of high temperature catalyst, reduce startup/shutdown frequency, stabilize production and lower costs

Optimization and adjustment implementation of catalyst drying equipment and process

It may solve the problem of excessively high breaking rate, and lower the breaking rate from initial 2~3% to 1%; reduce loss and improve 1~2% productivity

Transformation of water drainage pipeline from low pressure flash drum to vacuum flash drum

Solve safety loopholes from washing-caused exposure during operation; reduce maintenance fee of RMB 60,000-80,000 Yuan/year 

Optimization of hydro-gasification burner piping system

Reduce quantity of standby burners, save investment; shorten shutdown time of burner replacement

Creativity of special heater for low-temperature precision pump coupling

The coupling heater heats rapidly and evenly and is convenient for repair; the coupling shall be used repeatedly, and may save maintenance fee of RMB 150,000 Yuan/year

T8005 tower methanol recovery transformation

After transformation, the refined methanol output may add 2t per day at least, and fusel output may be reduced

2# Boiler fume recirculation transformation

2# boiler limestone consumption per ton gas reduces about 20kg, and monthly consumption reduces about 2500t

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